Eleven Reasons to Install a Small Business Security System in 2022

Your business needs a security system. Without it, your data, employees, business partners, clients, and establishment are vulnerable to potential threats.  

You may be doubting the need for a security system. You may think that it is a waste of time or money that you could be using to maximize your profits.  

However, without security systems, you leave your small business extremely vulnerable. Even larger businesses have installed security systems to safeguard their facilities.  

Security systems have evolved as time has passed. They used to be only for security on physical premises, but they can now be used for cybersecurity to protect your clientele, transaction records, sensitive information, and other company data.  

Although they mainly serve for security, there are other reasons why you should install a security system for your business. 

Here are eleven reasons why your business should have security systems. 

1. Traditional Security Is No Longer Enough

Look around your facilities right now if you are there. What kind of security do you use for your front and back doors? How about the security you use for your computer files?  

If you have security guards and surveillance cameras (CCTV cameras) around, you may need to bump up your security.  

Traditional systems have low verification levels. For example, security guards need to verify employees or customers for entry onto your premises.  

The downside of this security is that it can easily be overloaded with information when an influx of employees or customers comes. Even if they are enough, they are most likely to verify identities slower than automated security. 

You don’t want your security to get compromised just because of the influx of information to verify entry. 

Security systems are built to deal with this problem faster and more securely. Biometrics, facial recognition, or key cards interact with sensors to process simultaneous entries without any problem in the face of overwhelming information.  

2. Security Systems Enhance Your Professional Business Image

Having security systems around your office does not only add security; it also adds reassurance. Customers who may only come into your facility for a few moments will get the impression that it is a very secure facility upon seeing installed security systems.  

The sense of security when entering your facility gives customers reassurance and allows them to feel at ease to conduct business with you.  

Security systems may even make it possible to give them an entry code or register their biometrics to make them feel exclusive.  

This makes customers feel welcome and experience premium customer service because of having to verify their identity when entering your facility. 

Overall, security systems give off a positive image (both literally and figuratively) to your business reputation. They make customers feel that you take care of everyone who sets foot onto your facilities. 

3. Security Systems Bring You Peace of Mind

How do you make sure that your facility remains secure despite your absence? Even with your presence, you won’t be able to fully manage your security when you are focusing on your business goals.  

With security systems, you can automate your security and minimize security issues.  

For example, many security systems now implement a remote setting where you can watch the live footage of your surveillance cameras on your laptop or smartphone. This is made possible by app integration and compatibility with your devices.  

If peace of mind can be bought, security systems are your best investment to get it. Security systems allow you to leave your guard down without compromising your office’s security.  

4. Security Systems Lower Risks of Theft

Many businesses deal with theft or shoplifting regularly. According to a survey taken by Business.org, 89% of small business owners report at least one shoplifting incident in 2021.  

Having security systems immediately eradicates these problems and keeps your business operational. Thefts have their own incurred losses, but the incidents do not end the problem. Losses also happen due to downtime brought upon by the incident.  

Security systems can be used to secure your place remotely. They give you the option to call the authorities to prevent theft or take care of break-ins. The best case scenario for you is that you may even catch the thieves on the spot, which saves you time from both an investigation and recording losses incurred (if there were any). 

Unfortunately, other cases of theft may also happen within the company. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, employee theft has been a huge problem in business, with the total loss reaching up to fifty billion per year

Instead of becoming paranoid and doubtful of your employees, which may impede collaboration, security systems can easily create records of entries, exits, time ins, time outs, and other kinds of records that allow you to conduct an internal investigation whenever suspicion arises.  

5. Security Systems Protect Your Office 24/7

Aside from theft and vandalism, other accidents can cost your company due to technical errors, overheating, or defective equipment. 

Other accidents that may occur are fire hazards and water leaks, and they can be detrimental to your facility if left unattended. When seconds count, security systems can be relied on to call attention or turn on alarms for authorities to come. 

Leaving your facilities unprotected is a no-go for small businesses. All of the time, effort, patience, and experiences you have compiled through your hard work can just be taken away in a few moments.   

If you plan to insure your business, that’s great! Insurance companies usually lower their fees for facilities that have security systems. This is because the protection security systems provide cannot be surpassed by traditional security systems or completely unguarded offices.  

6. Security Systems Can Protect Your Data

The act of theft does not only apply to physical offices. Even virtual offices are not immune to fraud and data theft. Many security systems available for small businesses include cybersecurity systems.  

This is especially true if your business mainly operates on IT-related services or digital media. Your clientele data can be compromised if you cannot secure it 24/7.  

Since the pandemic started, many businesses have had to transition to a remote setup to work from home. The transition has left many businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks.   

7. Security Systems Adapt to Your Business Needs

There are different types of small businesses. Some cater to physical services while others provide technological services. Security systems will adjust to your needs depending on your services and operations. 

For example, implementing levels of security can be done. You may have employees you trust, but you still want to reserve some rooms only to be entered under your name or higher verification level.  

Security systems can implement a security hierarchy so that some rooms can only be opened with a higher security level keycard or with registered biometrics (including yourself, of course). 

This plan can be extended to your virtual workspaces. Most security systems now provide security levels/tiers to indicate restriction and access to company data. For example, Level 1 personnel may only access basic information within the company, while Level 4 personnel may access the most sensitive files and records. 

8. Security Systems Allow You to Work Remotely

Having your facility protected 24/7 means leaving your offices unattended and not worrying about their well-being.  

When your security systems are operational, you can focus on the work you have outside the office. Having online security systems allows your company data to be accessed under secure servers.  

If you use a cloud security system, you can also have automated, real-time backups of your company data. This way, any unfortunate damage to your computers or network will allow you to keep your business operational and your files accessible while being repaired. 

9. Security Systems Help You with Legal Concerns

Lawsuits can cost you thousands of dollars, if not millions. As a small business owner, you cannot just carelessly set up security systems without considering the regulations that surround them. If your business is booming, taking up more of your time, would you still be able to stay on top of any legal concerns you might need to be aware of? 

Most business owners prefer to stay focused on their operations. However, your state may fine you for not following security regulations you did not even know existed. Some of the legal concerns may be sensitive to your business's industry. 

Security systems can save you from this pitfall. Most security system providers have updated knowledge of state security regulations. They can screen your premises before installation to offer you a customized and optimized security system that best fits your halls while following state regulations. 

This makes security systems a wise investment in the long run because they save you both time and money against costly legal concerns. 

10. Security Systems Are a Wise Investment

Although the U.S. Department of Commerce recommends that it is “absolutely necessary” for business owners to use upgraded security to protect their businesses, many owners experiencing security breaches (such as theft) opt not to install any security system because they just think they don’t need it to save costs.  

If you are worried about the cost, many security system companies provide security packages that can best fit your needs. They may offer bundles and subscription schemes to help you save money on upfront and installation fees. 

For example, most security systems can connect surveillance cameras to your monitoring room and your phone or desktop, where everything is centralized.  

If you prefer, you can also connect various sensors to turn on and off for an event or any situation without physically handling a switch.  

The field of security systems continues to grow. This can give you more options to integrate with your security system to improve your security. Your subscription with a security company ensures that you get the state-of-the-art security components and keep your security tools and software up to date. 

11. Security Systems Are Evolving

As mentioned above, the field of security systems is steadily growing, and exciting changes are to come to sophisticate your security.  

Currently, the trend is heading towards continuous improvement of biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI). The newest models of security systems allow the software to record your habits and movements and adapt to your schedule. This technology warns you of impending danger based on irregularities in movement outside of your business area or routine.  

If you are not interested in the state-of-the-art or latest updates in the technology world or security, this also means that you can shop around for more choices because the industry has a lot to offer.  

Even DIY security systems have been endorsed to work for individuals or families staying at home. (Take note that DIY security systems are not the best security systems to protect your business.) 


A secured business provides you peace of mind to let you focus on your business. 

Traditional security does not fully secure your facilities anymore, for there are many lapses that only technology can cover in the long run.  

Although security systems may be an expensive investment due to upfront fees, they save you money in the long run because they can prevent theft, vandalism, accidents, and legal concerns. When availing of insurance for your company, security systems can help lower the fees due to having stronger security. 

Security systems also take care of your cybersecurity. They keep records of all digital footprints similar to tracking your employees' physical movements within your offices (time ins and outs, entry, and exit). 

You have many options to choose from regarding security systems since security is a booming field. You may ask the security system company to inspect your location to customize a custom-fit security system for your facilities. They will keep it up-to-date and within state security regulations. 

Security systems safeguard your years of hard work. Their unlimited capabilities automate taking care of your premises, employees, and customers.