Five Factors that Affect the Affordability of Security Systems

So, you realize you need a security system. You have either a business or a home that you feel is otherwise unsafe. If you have a commercial building, there is a lot to lose, and you will definitely need a security system to protect your assets.

A security system will not only make you feel safe, but it will keep you safe. It will discourage or solve a crime. You can use one for a business or even your own home.

If your budget is tight, you might need to look at an affordable security system. However, there can be uncertainty as to whether the affordability of security systems can affect the type of service you get. Here are the top five factors that affect the affordability of a security system.  

Features Included

An important consideration is the features that should be included in your security system. Focus on what you need and not necessarily what you want.

If you want a slightly more affordable model, you might assume that you will have to make do with fewer features. However, a little bit of research may show you that this is not always the case.

Here are some possible features you may need for your security system:

●       Access keypad: Some companies need this feature to ensure that each employee has a different type of access control. Depending on the software, hardware, and installation required, prices may go up or down with this feature. You may have to sit down with a few sellers to find one that matches both your budget and security needs.

●       Control Panels: You need these panels for your system control and power source.

●       Sensors: To keep your business or home even safer, install door and window sensors. They are often found around window frames and door jambs. This feature will alert you to any attempts to break into your building. A glass-breaking sensor may also be used.

●       Surveillance cameras: Cameras vary in price. Some have higher resolution, better sensitivity, and larger formats. Prior to installation, check the lighting and the setup in your area. If the area needing surveillance is poorly lit, you may barely see anything with a low-resolution camera.

Do not just rely on the above list as new features are frequently added with each model as technology increases. Find a newer model and ask why its extra features have been added.  

Facility Size

How affordable your security system is will also depend on the size of your building. Smaller buildings can get away with having fewer cameras and sensors installed. So, as a result, your security system is also cheaper but not necessarily less effective. Of course, if you have a large facility to secure, you need to invest in a more extensive installation.  


Where you live can also define your final expenses. Some places charge more for taxes and permits, so whenever you pick a security system product, ask what the extra the cost is. Compare the totals you will have to pay for each of your top choices.

Make sure you also pick a security service seller that can do the installation. It will be cheaper if they are located near you. This way, you don't have to pay for extra gas, and your decision is just a matter of practicality. You may like a seller from another city best, but if you can find a competitive option in your location, why not go for the more convenient and cheaper one? Of course, you can eliminate a company that cannot perform in terms of function and quality.  

Services and Maintenance

Buying and having a security system installed is not the end of your security expenses. You need to pay for monitoring costs for an average of $32 a month. However, the monthly price on this can be as inexpensive as $5 each month or double the average, closer to $65 a month.

Also, consider that some companies may charge you up to $200 for installation. No wonder the security system itself seems to be cheaper than average. However, most national providers should be able to provide free installation.

Does the system come with extra equipment or essential gear? Every piece of additional gear will cost a little bit more. Find out if you will have to pay an extra $5 or a whopping $400 for these. It is crucial to commit only when you are sure about the total.

Finally, you must consider how much you will have to pay for extras such as batteries. Is there an additional charge for service calls, or would that be part of the extended warranty coverage? Is the service company easily available in your area when needed? 

Payment Scheme

Some people prefer paying for security systems in one payment, and usually they get a discounted price for doing so. However, this can often be difficult financially. When that is the case, a monthly fee is more affordable, even if the total is higher. This allows them to stretch out their budget without feeling like they are breaking the bank.

You must have a clear breakdown of your monthly and annual costs are. In the end, this will depend on your preferences and your budget. However, make sure to work with a company that provides you with a clear definition of what you must pay. This way, you can make an intelligent choice, instead of just being told what is better for you.  


The affordability of security systems depends on five factors. However, you will notice that each factor comes with considerations. You can still try to save more money without skimping on the features.

What features do you actually need? What features can you do without? List them on a sheet of paper before visiting various sellers and finding the right security system for you.

The most expensive option does not always mean the safest protection. Do your research right and you should find an affordable security system just for you. If you need help shopping for a small business security system in your budget, we’d love to help at Anchor Security.