Five Signs Your Business Security System Needs an Update

Security is one aspect that business owners might not pay immediate attention to until there is an unfortunate incident. You might think you can forget about business security concerns after you have installed your security cameras and alarms. Having a business security system in place, however, is not enough. It is not something that you set up and then forget.

Like any other system, proper maintenance and regular updating are needed to ensure that your security setup can still provide adequate protection to your hard-earned business. Also, there are unforeseeable circumstances every now and then that can affect your business security system. Perhaps the clearest example of these unexpected circumstances is the post-pandemic world, wherein the shift to remote working necessitated security system upgrades.

Small business owners, in particular, might be overlooking security updates in favor of more urgent expenses or capital investments. You might think you don’t need it, either because there's hardly been any security breach or that you just don’t think there is enough risk to justify an update, much less an upgrade. Keeping up with technology updates may not also be your priority, and you end up missing out on available upgrades for your system.

However, being proactive in keeping the quality of your business security system is more beneficial than being reactive and upgrading only when you want to. Regularly having your system assessed and upgraded may cost you in the present, but it will surely cost you more when you ignore your system’s health, and a security incident suddenly affects your business. Further, regularly updating your system has the benefit of avoiding a one-time big-time costly expense that you might be forced to face if you let your system slide throughout the years.

Here are five signs your business security system needs to be assessed for an update or upgrade:

1. You Are Still Using an Analog Security System

One of the main signs your business security system needs an update is if you’re still using an analog security system. Analog systems are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and threats, leaving your business with weak security protection.

One component you should consider upgrading is your business security camera setup. Newer cameras offer high-resolution footage and often have advanced features such as motion detection and analytics. The good news here is that the upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive. There are now plenty of affordable options on the market for newer camera systems. If you are worried about costs, your security solutions provider can help upgrade your system to one that fits your needs and budget.

If you still carry your business keys alongside your house keys, you might want to rethink your security setup. Access control is another security component that you should consider upgrading from analog. Whether it’s a storage room, the storefront, or the main workspace, there are now more secure ways of managing access, such as electronic key cards or badges.

2. Your Security System Cannot Be Accessed Offsite

Nowadays, remote access to your security system is an essential security feature and not just a luxury.

If you are a small business owner, chances are you handle many aspects of your business yourself and even multitask. Having a security system that you can manage wherever you, at any hour of the day, offers better security and convenience.

So, if your system still isn’t capable of remote access, you might want to consider updating it. For instance, you could upgrade your security camera system to use cloud-based services, allowing you to securely view your footage at home or anywhere, in an instant, 24/7.

An important aspect that you also must consider is the remote access system for your employees. As remote work becomes more and more part of how businesses operate post-pandemic, upgrading your security system to cover this aspect is a must.

Employees working outside the office without secured devices and/or connection expose your business to cybersecurity threats. This can compromise your business operations if not effectively managed. If you have remote workers and you still haven’t done any updates to your security system, it is time to consult with your business security provider for a system evaluation and plan for needed updates.

3. Your Business Is Growing

If you’re expanding your business, an assessment and upgrade of your current security system should be on top of your list.

The rule of thumb is that your security system should match the growth of your business. For instance, if your business expansion would involve acquiring new floors or areas on your premises, your security system should be upgraded to protect and ensure safety in these new spaces. These would necessitate upgrading your security camera setups, alarm systems, and access control.

Speaking of access, most likely your business expansion would also mean that your staff will continue to grow. This is another aspect that would necessitate a security system upgrade. From a security standpoint, there are two implications you should consider and address when your employee pool grows.

First is in terms of foot traffic and workplace safety. As many new people will be coming in and going out of your business premises, you need to ensure that your security system can still handle monitoring of common areas and places where there is heavy movement of people. If your camera configuration is still using low-resolution cameras, consider upgrading to a camera that can capture better-quality footage.

The second implication of employee growth that you must address in terms of security is in the context of employee access. If you’re still using analog employee log-in systems, then consider upgrading to a more convenient and secure system, such as biometric-based access control systems. Not only will you be providing your employees a hassle-free log-in system, but also a more convenient way for you to manage access to your premises and ensure security.    

Security updates like these are best consulted with your security solutions provider as early as you embark on plans to expand your premises or hire new employees. This would involve reassessing your security requirements so that proper updates could be rolled out as soon as possible.

4. Your Business Experienced a Security Incident

Unfortunate as it may be, this is the most obvious (and serious) sign that you need to have your security system checked and assessed for updates.

There could be several reasons for the incident, and it isn’t always that your security system didn’t work. More often than not, it is because your system configuration is not apt to your business security needs anymore. For instance, you might have reorganized your spaces, but you left your security camera system as is and there’s now a blind spot.

Chances are that the incident could have been prevented if your business security system is up to date. Perhaps the shoplifting incidents could have been prevented if you had your business security cameras upgraded or if your alarm system configuration had been updated.

It is best to consult your security solutions provider at once after an incident. They could assess the incident, evaluate your security needs, and provide recommendations on needed updates or upgrades to avoid another incident.

5. It’s Been Too Long Since Your Security System Was Last Updated

If your business security situation doesn’t show any of the signs we discussed above, that's great to hear! But don’t be too quick to forget about an often-overlooked sign that you need to have your system assessed—it’s been too long since you last installed or updated your system.

When was your security system installed? When was the last update? If you can’t seem to remember the answer, then most likely it’s been too long.

On the surface, everything might seem safe and sound. There have been no security breaches or any untoward security incidents in the last couple of years. Naturally, you would think there’s no need for a security system assessment or much more an update. However, there are two aspects you must consider in this situation.

The first thing you should check is the integrity and condition of your security hardware. If the hardware’s been properly maintained and serviced throughout the years, then this might not be too much of a problem. Any concern would have been raised by your solutions provider upon seeing it. However, if it’s been years and there has been no proper maintenance conducted, consider having your security system assessed as the hardware and other security infrastructure might already be in deteriorating or bad condition.

Similarly, you should also check the software component of your security system. Like any other system software, your business security system software components should always be up to date. More than any other part of your system, cybersecurity is something you cannot afford to overlook nowadays. Hackers are becoming more creative in their tactics and are increasingly directing their attacks on small businesses. In 2020, cyberattacks on small businesses increased by over 400%. Regularly updating your security system is your best bet in keeping cybersecurity breaches at bay and keeping your business one step ahead of any threat.

Remember also that technology in recent years has been fast evolving and is likely to continue getting better. Newer security hardware and better software come by fast with stronger capabilities to protect institutions from security threats. For example, while security cameras often last for years, their features might not be suitable for your needs anymore and newer models could address such concerns. This is also one important reason for having your business security system regularly assessed for a possible update, even if there has been no critical incident.


Like most systems you use in business or even at home, your business security system needs to be well-maintained and updated. If you’re a small business owner and you find it difficult to keep up with technology and don't know when to get an update, consider looking out for these several tell-tale signs that you need to have your business security system evaluated.

First is when you’re still using analog. Upgrading to newer models will not only provide you with better security features but also convenience. Likewise, if your system doesn’t have remote access features, updating to one that you can manage any time, wherever you are, is highly recommended.

Any business expansion or growth should also trigger an assessment and update of your security system. Updating your system will ensure that your newly acquired premises or newly hired employees are adequately protected.

The most serious sign that your business security system needs an update is when you’ve got a security breach. In the first instance, consult with your security solutions provider to assess the situation and implement the necessary updates to prevent a repeat of the unfortunate incident.

Lastly, an often-overlooked sign is the age of your system. Both hardware and software components of your business security system might be outdated. Without proper and regular maintenance, your hardware condition could already be deteriorating. Likewise, if the software is not updated regularly, there's a high probability that your system is now vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. As such, while you haven’t had any problems, it is still best practice to have your business security system checked for updates as regularly as you can.

The risk of a security incident will always be there. Investing in better systems and regular updates can lessen this risk and offer you more peace of mind. Remember that your security system protects not only the physical assets of your business, but also safeguards people—your employees, clients, and customers. If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, there’s no better time than now to consult a solutions provider and update your business security system.