Seven Signs Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Security has become a top priority for many organizations, with some companies even hiring full-time IT staff to manage their systems. Security breaches are not uncommon and can lead to significant losses in both money and data. However, there are several ways to protect themselves against cyberattacks or other types of security threats. One such reliable means is using an access control system.

But how can you tell if your business needs an access control system?

The answer is not straightforward. Here are seven signs that may indicate that your business should think about getting one.

Your employees need to access the building after hours or during the weekends.

One sign that may indicate that your organization needs an access control system is if you have employees that need to access the building after hours or during the weekends. This can be a concern for organizations where employees work outside of regular business hours, opening or closing company facilities, or traveling by car to see clients.  

Access control can help you create a way for your employees to get in and out of the building even when no receptionist is present.  

Another scenario is if your employees need to get in the building when it's closed, such as during a weather emergency. It may be necessary to implement an access control system that uses biometric identification or other remote verification methods.


You are concerned about the safety and security of your employees.

Another possible indication that access control is necessary for your organization is if you're concerned about keeping your staff safe and secure while at work. As a business owner, you might want to protect your company from real or perceived risks.  

An example would be protecting against the possibility that an angry customer will try to harm your employees. You may also want to preserve the safety of employees who work with dangerous equipment.


You need more control over areas such as the lobby, data centers, and server rooms.

If you operate a business with sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or intellectual property, you may wish to protect access to those resources. An access control system can help you better control the means of entering places such as the lobby, server rooms, and data centers. 

While you can always securely lock these areas, an access control system grants access to specific individuals while denying it from others. You can also grant access at certain times for employees traveling by car, on business trips, or visiting clients.


You have valuable equipment that only those with authorization should access.

You may need an access control system if you have valuable equipment or products inside the building that you don't want anyone to access without authorization. This can be an alarming concern in facilities such as data centers and warehouses. For example, retail stores use security tags and computerized monitoring of shopping carts and racks to prevent shoplifting.


Your facility has been broken into before, or there's a history of break-ins in your area.

Another primary concern is the history of break-ins your facility or the area has had before. This can be an indication that you should consider an access control system to protect against intruders. An example would be installing turnstiles to create better ways to monitor who comes and goes from an area. It may also be a good idea to upgrade locks and add new alarm systems.


You want to keep track of who is coming in and out of your building.

If you're concerned about keeping track of who is coming in and out of your office or facility, an access control system can help. For example, if you're a business owner and you want to keep tabs on the delivery personnel who enter your office, it's possible with an access control system.


You can track authorized individuals and visitors by their ID cards while preventing others from entering through the doors. You can also track using biometric fingerprint readers to grant access in advance. Further, you might want to use a key management system that ensures only authorized individuals have keys.


Your business has multiple doors that require some access control functionality.

Another sign of a good candidate for an access control system is if your organization has multiple entrances or exits to buildings or work areas.  

For instance, a manufacturing company may require an access control system to ensure accurate data of who goes in and out of each building on the premises. This is really useful if you're concerned about theft or other crimes such as vandalism.  

Additionally, it can help with tracking employees' arrival and departure times for payroll purposes. An access control system can also help to track the activity of contractors, vendors, and other third parties.


Final Thoughts

An access control system is a security system that helps restrict who has access to certain areas. For example, an access control system can be used to keep away people who are not authorized from entering the lobby. It also aims to prevent unauthorized entry by limiting or regulating accessibility with electronic locks or some other way. Some businesses have implemented access control systems to help them secure assets better. 

Whether you're a business owner, store manager, or warehouse supervisor, an access control system can help with all of the above. As time goes on, access control systems get better and more efficient at the tasks they are designed to do. These are just some of the reasons why an access control system might help you secure your business premises or facility. For more information about access control systems, be sure to check out the rest of our site and other resources.