Why Your Small Business Should Have a Doorbell Camera

Security should be your topmost concern as a small business owner. You have invested time, effort, and resources to build your company. It's logical that you also invest in a reliable security system to protect it. 

Crimes endanger businesses all over the world. In a Chron article, the U.S. Small Business Administration states that a single vandalism incident costs about $3,370. That's just vandalism. Imagine the damage that burglary and theft would cost. 

Having a good security system is a must, whether your business is located in a commercial building or just within the four corners of your home. Yet some businesses make the mistake of installing fake surveillance cameras to fool potential criminals. Others would be able to use real security cameras if they weren't so expensive. 

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the expensive surveillance camera. Small, inconspicuous, and inexpensive, a doorbell camera provides reliable security for business owners at affordable costs. Although these are most commonly used for home security systems, they have been recently introduced to the commercial sector. 

Apart from providing the needed protection, doorbell cameras also give other benefits that you can take advantage of. Here are good reasons why you should have a doorbell camera installed to protect your small business. 

1. They provide affordable and reliable security

A security system is very important in any business. One of the struggles of business owners is finding one that fits right within budget.  

Installing surveillance cameras and building your security system is generally more affordable than hiring a security team. Although it is usually bought as a component of a whole security system, a doorbell camera already works perfectly on its own.  

Described as "small but mighty" by Frase Protection, the doorbell camera allows you to see what is happening in real-time directly. You no longer have to listen to different versions of "eyewitness accounts" about what occurred outside your door, in the hallway, or on the street outside your office. Your doorbell camera will have recorded it all, video and sound. 

The best thing about doorbell cameras is that they can store footage for future use.  

2. They monitor who comes and goes

As the owner of a small, growing business, a hectic schedule might keep you from visiting your company every day or staying therefor long periods. But you must also keep track of who comes and goes on the company premises, because regularly monitoring foot traffic will help you understand the trend of your small business. The best solution to this problem is using technology to serve as your eyes and ears even while you are elsewhere.                                                               

The doorbell camera is capable of capturing everyone who comes in and out of your small business. It will provide accurate information on your company's peak times and slow hours. As an added feature, some types of doorbell cameras even have timestamp capability to help you pin down the actual time a customer or a package arrives. With this, you have an accurate visitor log. 

Additionally, some doorbell cameras can monitor movement. They can alert you, for example, to the arrival of a delivery person who lays a package outside your door and then leaves. Even better, these devices will also alert you to the presence of any would-be thief who attempts to grab the package. 

A doorbell camera is also accessible via your other devices. For example, if you're expecting an important client, you will easily be alerted to their arrival through your smartphone wherever you are.  

3. They can prevent and reduce theft

According to a survey by Vivint, 60% of 400 burglars would skip a place or find another target if they were aware that security cameras were installed there. The doorbell camera is placed outside, so opportunistic thieves will see it before attempting to enter. The knowledge that they may have already been caught on camera is enough to deter them from carrying on with their plans. 

Brian Bruckner, the owner of Big Swingin' Cycles, tells Ring that he had experienced multiple break-ins in the past. Regardless of what he did to secure his establishments, such as adding gates to windows and welding bolts, there were still thieves who succeeded in breaking into his shop. He decided to get a security system from Ring. After a while, another bike shop got robbed; they did not have a security camera. But because Bruckner had already installed one, his shop was spared. 

Small businesses—especially those that sell jewelry, gadgets, and other expensive products—would benefit from installing doorbell cameras. These devices warn of the presence of people who have been known to cause trouble. The moment their faces are recognized on camera, they can easily be barred from entering the premises. Thus, a crime is prevented from being committed. 

A doorbell camera becomes doubly efficient if you and your employees are aware of the identity of known delinquents in the area. Even if you are not around physically, you can easily call and warn your people of the danger if the doorbell camera's video on your smartphone catches those offenders approaching your establishment.  

4. They provide evidence

You can't always prevent crimes from happening. Although installing doorbell cameras—or any other security measures—significantly deters the commission of crimes, they do not eliminate criminality. There will always be criminals bolder and more creative than the rest. You may do your best, but bad things can still happen. 

If your establishment has been broken into, you will want to catch the culprit and put them behind bars. Again, the doorbell camera will prove useful because of its high-quality video surveillance capacity. Able to capture, with clear video, whoever broke into your store and record their arrival, this little device will aid in the investigation of the crime with apiece of credible evidence. And even if the criminal is not caught, the footage taken by the doorbell camera could help speed up approval from your insurance company.  

5. They provide two-way communication

Sometimes missed opportunities make you wish you could be in multiple places at one time. Some days can be so task-filled and hectic that you don't have extra time to spend at your office, and you end up missing some of your business's potential clients. Again, the doorbell camera comes to the rescue. 

A doorbell camera has a two-way communication feature that allows you to use your smartphone to converse with anyone at the door even when you are not physically in the building. Usually accessed through an app, this feature makes it easier for you to catch up with potential customers and reschedule appointments and visits. 

Delivery people are also among those who come to your establishment. Using a doorbell camera's communication feature, you can easily instruct them to leave packages in designated areas. 

Mark Taylor, the owner of Rocky Mountain Rotors, has multiple buildings and facilities to monitor. He uses two Ring doorbell cameras to talk to clients and delivery people when he is not present to answer the door. 

6. They are convenient

Regardless of what we are doing and where we are, we always look for convenience. Small business owners who have many priorities to attend to are constantly searching for ways to do multiple things simultaneously. Again, the doorbell camera comes in handy.  

Some conversations need to be done quickly, especially when other tasks need your attention. If you have a doorbell camera, you will not have to leave your desk to talk with other people.  

There is also another feature, one that can help you sleep better. The doorbell camera is still actively recording live feed using night vision when all your staff has gone home. You can effortlessly check the app on your smartphone and monitor any movements in front of your property. You can then rest easy knowing your establishment is safe. 

There are certainly a lot of benefits to having a doorbell camera as part of your small business’s security system. Its benefits don't just revolve around the security factor—although the most important—it has also proven useful as a tool for communication. 

7. They increase workplace safety

Many factors affect workplace safety. It's not just the interior of your company that needs to be guarded; the exterior should be closely monitored as well. A doorbell camera is one of the best security cameras you can install for outdoor use. 

Most doorbell cameras have a wide vision feature useful for those with a parking lot in front of their establishment. It can monitor any possible car break-in, which is helpful for employees who bring their vehicles to work.  

The doorbell camera completes your security system alongside the indoor video cameras. Increasing the security both within and outside your property will make your employees feel safe and cared for. And that will make them more confident in their jobs. Customers will also appreciate the fact that they are in a secure place. 

8. They increase property value

Aside from companies that require physical stores, some do not need you to be separated from your home. Online businesses such as Instagram shops are great examples of home-based businesses where owners usually conduct their operational activities, including production, photoshoots, and marketing in their homes. 

Home-based business owners will highly benefit from having doorbell cameras. Apart from the reasons given above, having a well-secured home increases your property's value and decreases your home insurance. A SafeWise article indicates that your homeowner’s insurance can decrease up to 20% when you have a monitored security system. 

Most of the time, insurance fees add up to your mortgage. If you are not keen on the specific breakdown of your bills, you might not notice how large your insurance expense is. Insurance companies recognize the effort you make in securing your home (or home-based office), and in return, they reward you through discounted premiums.  

If you are also planning to sell your home in the future, having a strong security system increases its value. According to Atlantic Companies, having one slows down the decrease of property value due to inevitable changes in real estate. Not only will you have saved up from your expenses, but you will have gained an opportunity to earn extra income from it too. 


You have invested a lot in building and establishing your company. One criminal act has the potential to take it all away. Security should thus be a priority for your business. With this in mind, ensure that you have set up a reliable security system that will do the job of protecting your establishment and the people who work there. 

There are many options as to what kind of security measures you can have. Among various indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to choose from, consider installing a doorbell camera. It may be a less popular and obvious choice, but it gives a lot of practical benefits. 

The best thing about a doorbell camera is that it is not noticeable, is reasonably priced, and can fit anywhere. Aside from the security and convenience it provides, it also offers extra savings and potential income in the future. It can work as part of a whole security system or a simple stand-alone unit. Safety should be your utmost priority when you have a small business to grow; the doorbell camera offers that and more.